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Now A days, file sharing in android with other people is very easy with the help of Shareit APK App. There are a lot of software’s that are available on Google Play Store for file sharing purpose but Shareit  terbaru is at the top of the list of these software. Shareait is also known as best file transfer app because shareit transfer rate is 20mb/sec.

Shar eit have more than 100 million downloads on Google Play store. sayrit is at the top of apps which transfer data with no data limit. This superfast technology can send data of large files with no limitation.

Every android user must use this software for file transfer.  Share-it app can be free download from all platform like Google play store, Apple Store etc.

Sometimes its difficult to decide wheater which app is better to transfer file because there are a lot of apps present like Zapya etc, but if you want to know other people point of view and my personal suggestion then it comes to end at Shareit APP.

With the help of sharait App, you can send data with high speed, gratis and with no data usage.

Download SHAREit APK for Android [All Versions]

Shareit] Appz is a top trending app for file sharing on Google Play Store. shrareit available at free of cost on Google Playstore. With the help of shàreit App, you can send or receive a large size of data files like movie video clips within minutes, even files having the size of more than 1GB or 2GB.

Now we compare it with the old method of sending and receiving files, which is Bluetooth.

Bluetooth sends or receives data with very slow speed. If you want to send a file with a size of 1 GB, then you have to wait so much longer.  Sending files in past is a very slow procedure, and you have to wait a lot of time. With the passage of time and advancement in technology this a not a big problem v4.

Now comes to our main topic.

Here we are talking about serhit App APK, which is installed on your Android Mobile. Further, go in details, please click below-given download button for access of shariet App APK in your android mobile. CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD

After click download button, you have APK file for sharti in your android mobile.

Shareit app is also available in desktop, blackberry, lenovo and pc version.

If this question occurs in your mind, what is apk file. Then you don’t need to worry about it. Its just an extension for Android files (apps), like the audio song has .mp3 extension and video song have .mp4 extension.

It just file type, that is supported by android mobiles.

The benefit of shaertiofficial APK file in your mobil3 is that you don’t need to have an internet connection for installation of Android apps for tablet or other devices.

And APK file of shaire app means you can install seyar it app in your android mobile at any time, as well as you can send it to other people and they can install sgareit app lite in their mobile9 phone without having an internet connection.

Application NameSHAREitOffered BYShareit Technologies Co. LtdFile SizeDifferent size for Different deviceLast Update20th September 2018Application CostFree

Now we move to the next step, that is how to download sherite App APK and installer snareit aap.

How to Download SHAREit App, Steps for Download SHAREit in your Android:

Follow these steps to d0wnload sharit App APK in your android mobile:

  • Click the above given button, downloading will start.
  • If you don’t want to scroll up, then click the below given button


  • Select a folder in the file manager. Downloading will start.
  • The downloaded file will be stored in apk format in file manager folder, which is selected by you at the time of downloading.

How to Install SHAREit APK in your Android Mobile:

Follow these steps for installation of searit APK in your mobile.

  • After downloading the file you have apk latest version of the app in your mobile.
  • Go To the setting of your phone.
  • Click on security.
  • “Unknown Source” Click on this option.
  • Click it and mark the option.
  • Now go to file manager.
  • Click on shair it ap.
  • Click Agree and Accept.

When you complete all of these steps, sherritt app fileplanet will be installed on your mobile phone. Now you can use sheare ir and shear for sending and receiving files.

Feature Of SHAREit App:

When we talk about features of anyshare serit app, that are not coming slow. It means that developer adds different features on sharitapps on daily basis.

  • #1 File transfer Tool wap
  • Fastest app for sharing is shire it
  • Share hit files with other devices
  • No need of any wire connection or medium
  • Support every file format
  • No data usage in sheraeit app.
  • Infinite online and offline video
  • Excellent video player (Support all format)
  • Discover trending music
  • Elegant Music Player
  • GIF, Wallpaper, and Sticker
  • Old version is shraeit 2.7.4 apk
  • com.lenovo.anyshare.gps

Shhareit App for Android mobile, have a lot of features.

In past shareiti app is just used for the sending and receiving of data sare it, but nowadays saherit is also known as one of the best source of entertainment.

You can watch videos of your choice, online or offline. There are a lot of categories that are available on the shairit app for videos section. Like:

FilmPeopleNews30s videosEducationAnimalShowLife StyleSportsMusicComedyTrailerEntertainmentGameMany Other

You can watch videos, share these videos with your friends and downlode these videos as well.

Same as for the picture section, there are a lot of categories.


  • GIF
  • Wallpaper
  • Funny
  • Sticker

You can download these pictures as well.

Shearit ak aps also gives offline or online shopping features to their user. You can play any game at any time.

SHAREit Products:

Sheart kcweb have different products, which are used for different purposes.

  • CLONEit
  • LOCKit
  • LISTENit
  • CLEANit


Used for send or receive data.

  • With this product of (shaierit), you can send or receive data in simple 2 steps.
  • There is no need of tension about privacy leak.
  • Twelve(12) type of data can be Send between mobiles.
  • Transfer rate of data is extremely fast.


Lock it, is also one product of sheirit APP (sereet app). This product is used for lock apps and gives a guard to your private files.

  • A lot of themes are available for your mobile phone.
  • Vault is available to safe your personal things like videos and photos.
  • App lock feature is available.
  • User can check their privacy status.
  • Fingerprint lock can be used in your mobile.


LISTENit app is one of the product of shirit app. Sheret listenit app is used for music listing purpose.

  • Support all formats of music.
  • Very beautiful user interface.
  • Size of app is very small.
  • You can create playlist, as you can.
  • Night mode is available for using app.


This app is used as an optimization tool for android mobile.

  • Cleaning up the device.
  • Cleaning up your sd card storage.
  • Keep phone running smoothly.
  • It increases the battery timing up to 30%.
  • Manage your apps.
  • Mangae your big files.

We are not going in details of these products, because here we are talking about sshareit apl app.

Shaeit is also known as #1 file transfer tool worldwide.  sharhit is present in 40 different languages. Anybody from any region of the world can use sherhit app easily. There is no problem for language.

Let us tell you, sheariet app is introduced in 2015. The reason behind the name of sahreit application is the problem which is facing by people. As people are facing problems in sharing their files, so sheriet app named as sherait app.

At the last of 2018, we have a report of shrite users around worldwide gratuit.

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