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The world’s most successful fighting game Tekken franchise has been brought to mobile! Join famous fighters to engage in an intuitive, deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world. Take on the role of the Dojo Master, collecting, upgrading and battling with your favorite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN games!


  • CHALLENGE and rotating LIVE EVENT challenges!

Many Tekken Fans out there would rejoice regardless of the fact whether the game is good or bad. This fighting game doesn’t have the depth of its console or computer counterparts, its solid controls do make this one of the better fighting games for mobile systems.

If you are gamers, we are sure that you must have at least heard about fighting-based games like this. First available in Sony PlayStation One console, this game has now come as Android version. You no longer have to go to game center just so you can play the game to your heart content. Well, Tekken latest APK 0.7.2 (94) is new version of the game. Both versions of the game don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same.

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  •  Download TEKKEN™
  •  TEKKEN™ review
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TEKKEN™ File Information

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Version: 0.7.2 (94)
File size: 35.1 MB
Uploaded: December 16, 2017 at 12:44PM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.4 and up
MD5: 848ff63f80c573617806ff1d612a409b
SHA1: eaae4cf039a3e8c386211706c650ba431f7c804e

Download TEKKEN™ APK 0.7.2

  Download APK File (35.1 MB)Install from Google Play Store  

TEKKEN™ review

The Main Plot of the Game

Every game must have its own storyline. This fighting-based game itself has its plot started from the story of Heihachi Mishima who finds out the peculiarity of the missing of word-class fighters. His suspicion on Ogre known as the God of Fighting has led him to hold King of Iron Fist Turnament 3 to lure him in. After Jin Kazama, the main character manages to defeat True Ogre; he turns his target to Jin in fear of Devil Gene inside him.

The Controls for the Moves

As you have clearly known about this game, it has many fights to do along the storyline. The fighting styles in the game are adapted from the styles of martial arts in reality. However, you don’t have to worry for this game offers very smooth control for any moves of the fighting styles. Still, you will have to be careful when taking hit from your opponents. Sometimes, it is hard to avoid them and the others when they are done in a row.

Just like the other games, there must be both pros and cons from it. Regardless how popular it is in the game world today, there are always good things and bad things you will notice from the game. It won’t hurt to know them, right? You will get clear idea of what and what’s not to expect from the game after all. Here we go then.


  • A Variety of Game Modes
  • Real-Like Fighting Styles
  • Many Fighters to Try
  • Fine Controls


  • Graphics Can Be Better
  • Hard to Avoid Getting Hit
  • No Devil Jin’s Appearance

Tips and Tricks for Playing

Without doubt, Tekken for Android has many moves to make to fight against opponents. However, speed and timing are important for you to push the control buttons. If you find difficulty in it yet still want to enjoy the game, you can consider using Hwoarang character with its simplicity. Of course, you will have to learn how to trigger the moves from the combo list of the start button if you want the not so easy path in playing this game. You need some practices before you can get used to it all, but it’s worth trying to play to the fullest.


  • Jin release
  • Christmas content and events
  • New customization items
  • General performance optimization
  • Bug fixing

Like other versions, this version of Tekken casts you as one of the colorful contestants of the King of Iron Fist tournament. Using simple controls, it does a good job of replicating this popular and long-running series, especially since it adds a card system that lets you deploy special attacks. It also features numerous colorful characters to play along with a lot of interesting locations. But your characters don’t regain their health in between fights, you have to heal them with pickups you buy or earn.

This version also doesn’t have a deep combo attack system like the console versions. Still, it’s a good time pass when you have nothing to do.

Tekken Gameplay

In this mobile version of TEKKEN you will be competing in the King of Iron Fist tournament. Playing as a number of colorful characters, players use simple touch controls to land a series of punches and kicks in an attempt to beat down their competition. But while this does add cards that can trigger special attack moves, this version has been simplified compared to other takes on the franchise.

Ads are a nuisance and sharing with friends seems compulsory in order to obtain power-ups. But if you are a fan than these might seem like little obstacles to enjoy the nostalgia bringing characters and stages.

New players might not be able to get the proper feel especially if they haven’t played Tekken 3 on a console and especially with all the different high end brawl games available in the market, try the classic Tekken 3.

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